This is the place where NESA librarians are connected to share their experiences, resources, and ideas to learn from each other and grow professionally.

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Professional Group of NESA Librarians

The goal of the Professional Group of NESA librarians (PGL) is building a community of school library media specialists working in American International Schools in NESA region. By joining the community, the librarians will get acquainted with each other, communicate and share their ideas and projects. They will learn about methods other NESA librarians use to promote reading and appreciation of literature, teaching information literacy, as well as understand challenges other librarians face and recognize the ways of how they solve them.
NESA librarians share their professional ideas and resources, provide information about professional conferences and advise on speakers for the professional development of the librarians for NESA workshops and conferences.

This wiki is aimed to help NESA librarians get in touch and address a variety of issues related to school librarians and school library media programs run in the region.

Through the wiki, NESA librarians continue to communicate, display projects they work on, and collaborate without boarders withing the region.

It's time to update the list of email addresses and names of librarians. Please send your email address and school you work at to mbrodsky@wbais.net.
We also need to update the list of librarians who work as Advisory Group of Librarians. Send me a note if you are interested.

Looking forward to collaborating and sharing professional ideas through the NESA Librarians wiki this year!

Library Technology Week

Poetry Project

Advisory Group of NESA Librarians (AGL)