Poetry Café

What is the Poetry Cafe?

The Poetry Cafe is an online platform for sharing poetry presented by K-12 students.

This project promotes integration of writing with rhythm and vivid language along with technology as a reflective tool for students' emotional responses. Teachers provide students with various opportunities to write their own poems and recite poems of their favorite poets. Poetry can be written in languages other than English and integrated into Science and Math, too.

How can my class be part of this project?
Poetry is already a part of the K-12 curriculum. In addition, students like reading poetry for pleasure and enjoy composing their own works. Now take kids to one step further by giving them an opportunity to collaborate with other International schools and share their presentations through technology.
Please consider this project as an option when you work on poetry with your kids.

How does it work?
K-12 students will recite their favorite poetry or read their original poems; their presentations will be recorded and uploaded to The Poetry Cafe on Moodle.
You can see examples recorded by other participating schools already on Moodle (American International Schools from Spain (Barcelona and Madrid), Tunisia (Tunis), Portugal (Lisbon), and Senegal (Dakar)).

Steps to find the Poetry Cafe page: Log in to Moodle, click on My Courses, and scroll down the left side menu to see Network servers below AIS Community Portal WBAIS Netmail. One of the courses is The Poetry Cafe.

Instructions for uploading projects:
Click on Upload button on the right top corner, fill in the information, as Choose your School, title of the video, where in Poetry Cafe it should be posted and Save.

How can I get support with resources, technology, and collaboration with other schools?

If you need help to find materials, get some creative ideas, choose appropriate technology and connect with other NESA and European schools to create a collaborative presentation, I would be happy to guide you in any way in this project.